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Thirteenth Age combines the simplest components of conventional d20-rolling delusion gaming with new story-focused ideas, designed so that you can run the type of video game you such a lot are looking to play along with your workforce. Created by way of Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, thirteenth Age can provide all of the instruments you want to make exact characters who're instantly embedded within the environment in very important methods; quick organize adventures in keeping with the desktops’ backgrounds and pursuits; create your individual monsters; struggle fascinating battles; and concentrate on what’s consistently been cool and enjoyable approximately delusion experience gaming:
• Icon relationships and One precise issues provide intriguing storytelling possibilities
• Backgrounds offer an easy, versatile ability procedure drawn from characters’ own histories
• Escalation cube let enjoyable, fast-moving d20 combat.
• Owlbears will rip PC’s limbs off to feed their young.

About thirteenth Age
In the thirteenth Age of the area, adventurers search their fortunes within the Dragon Empire whereas robust contributors often called Icons pursue objectives that could defend the empire from chaos, or ship it over the edge.
Players come to a decision which Icons their characters best friend with, and which of them they oppose. those relationships, besides a private background and a distinct trait selected in the course of personality production, aid outline an adventurer’s position on the earth of thirteenth Age and lay the basis for epic tales that emerge via play.
There also are enjoyable new principles for hitting orcs and making them pass splat.

“Our objective with thirteenth Age is to recapture the free-wheeling type of old-school gaming through making a online game with extra soul and less technical info. …13th Age makes the play group’s crusade the guts of awareness, with a toolkit of principles for you to choose and select from in keeping with the type of online game you must play. The mechanics draw from vintage video games in addition to more recent, story-based games.” – Jonathan Tweet, co-designer

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But he admitted that ordinarily the fact that he was full of demons created unfortunate skin conditions and even more unfortunate social awkwardness. And since this was his one unique thing, I knew that in the long run, this wasn’t going to be just any case of demonic possession. No, this was going to be serious juju. Clearly, his unique will also involve some form of icon relationship with the Diabolist. And possibly the Crusader. I am bizarrely well-read, knowing everything about everything: Jonathan takes characters like this at their word, supplies more background points connected to knowledge, and looks forward to playing on their knowledge and paranoia as a means of motivating the campaign.

You roll 1, 2, or 3 (or possibly 4 at epic level) six-sided dice, the same number of dice as the points you spent for the relationship with that icon. Hope for 6s: If any die is a 6, you get some meaningful advantage from the relationship without having complications. If two or three dice come up 6, that’s even better. Look out for 5s: If any die is a 5, your connection to the icon is going to work out as well as a 6 would, but with some unexpected complication. If it’s a good icon, you might be drawn into some obligation.

Human Dwarf Dark Elf (drow) High Elf Wood Elf • • • • Gnome Half-elf Halfling Half-orc You get a +2 racial bonus to one of the two or more ability scores associated with your race. The bonus can’t be applied to the same ability score that you choose for your class bonus. You also get racial features based on your race. See Chapter 3: Races for stats and background details for these races, as well as shorter notes on four other common d20 racial options (holy ones, dragonic, forgeborn, and tieflings).

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