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By Ernest Schimmerling

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Set thought is the math of infinity and a part of the middle curriculum for arithmetic majors. This booklet blends thought and connections with different components of arithmetic in order that readers can comprehend where of set concept in the wider context. starting with the theoretical basics, the writer proceeds to demonstrate functions to topology, research and combinatorics, in addition to to natural set thought. techniques resembling Boolean algebras, timber, video games, dense linear orderings, beliefs, filters and membership and desk bound units also are built. Pitched in particular at undergraduate scholars, the method is neither esoteric nor encyclopedic. the writer, an skilled teacher, contains motivating examples and over a hundred workouts designed for homework assignments, experiences and tests. it's applicable for undergraduates as a path textbook or for self-study. Graduate scholars and researchers also will locate it invaluable as a refresher or to solidify their realizing of simple set thought.

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4 Cardinality We now turn from the study of order to that of cardinality, which is a fancy word for size. Cardinal numbers will be defined to be certain kinds of ordinal numbers. Not every ordinal is a cardinal though. The theory here builds on that of the previous chapter. 1 We say that A and B have the same cardinality and write A ≈ B iff there is a bijection from A to B. Granted, it is strange to say that two sets have the same cardinality without having said what cardinality means. But we need a lemma before giving that definition.

1 Wellorderings 23 For fun, here are a few more: 16th Secretary of Education 17th Secretary of Veterans Affairs 18th Secretary of Homeland Security What is the point? In English, we usually count ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. However, sometimes it makes sense to count 0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. For example, at the top of the presidential line of succession, we really have: 0th President In set theory, we start counting ordinals from 0. , and the 5th and final number is x5 = 31. Keep in mind that, in plain English, it would be very strange to say that the fifth item is the last in a list of six items!

Let F = {X ⊆ A | X = ∅} . By the Axiom of Choice, there exists a choice function c : F → A such that, for every X ∈ F, c(X) ∈ X.

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