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94 . 882 . 45 . 20) The thrust is This is a pretty substantial amount of thrust. Note that the pressure term in the thrust definition is the important thrust component in this design. 2 THE ROLE OF THE NOZZLE Let’s see if we can improve the design. Add a convergent nozzle to the engine as shown below. 9 Step 6 - Add a convergent nozzle. 21) How much can we decrease A e ? 8. As the exit area is decreased the exit Mach number remains one due to the high internal pressure in the engine. The shock moves upstream toward the inlet throat, the exit stagnation pressure increases and the product P te A e remains constant.

As the inlet throat area is increased the Mach number at station 3 will remain the same since it is determined by the choking at the nozzle exit and the fixed enthalpy rise across the burner. 5 is fixed by the loss across the external shock. 64). 64) is maintained and the inlet shock moves to the left increasing P te . 5 and the nozzle exit is across the burner.

36). 38). 39) the heat rejected during the cycle is Q rejected during the cycle = ( m˙ a + m˙ f ) ( h e – h 0 ) + m˙ f h 0 . 40) 2/12/09 Specific impulse, specific fuel consumption This expression deserves some discussion. Strictly speaking the engine is not a closed system because of the fuel mass addition across the burner. So the question is; How does the definition of thermal efficiency account for this mass exchange within the concept of the thermodynamic cycle? The answer is that the heat rejected from the exhaust is comprised of two distinct parts.

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