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29 30 construed extensionally is a class and i ntension­ R atn ak i rti 's use of the word is equivocal - extensional in its import in in others). 'saranabhutam' l iterall y means 'existing for protection or hel p' 'svavyiipya' = o r ' that which is to be pervaded', 'the included o r contained term' . pratibandha. s vasiidhya. prasatigahetuh. siidhya. svatan/rah. 'iisrayiisiddha' 'inconclusive because t he substratum 31 ' vika/pa' = 'conc eptual construction', 'ideation'. 32 siidhiira{fo . = o r locus is problematic'.

S. sthita S. kalpyamane •• var thakn S. yasakteran u pal abd heh S. 67 . . kopayogikastv S. 6S . . baddhatvamapi S. na ca S. 70 . . vastusiidhanopiiyatviidasya S. 71 Read : "krarrulkramavadbiihyanityopiidiinasiinyatvenarthakriyiivadbahy . . ", as Sdoes. 72 . . siinyatvaprasiidhaniit S. 73 vrk�iibhiiviidityiidy S. 74 Sakyo S. o. 26) 25 yattvanena pramaJ;lantarannityanamasattvasiddhau kramadivi­ rahasyabhavadharmata 75 sidhyatItyuktam, tadvalasyapi durabhidhanam. nityo hi dharmi. asattvaql sadhyam.

PratyayavaIayiitiikiira S. Here I have used S 's reading in my translatio n : . . saktirboddhavyah. . jiiiinamatravikalpa S. nitye 'pi yadi S. nityagriihinii jiia ne n a S. . samsargi S. p unaretan S. ikrtameva nityarp. v i kal p ayiim It! cet. a tasya vaiyarthyiit. 6) kiiliintare 'pyekarl1patayii 63 nityatvam. a­ dvaye bhinnarl1patayii. atayii durviiro virodha iti katharp. nitye kramiikra­ mayorantarbhiival}.. a kathamullekhal).. Ulpriipte nityopalabdhireva nityaviruddha­ syiinupalabhyamiinasya kramiikramasyiinupalabdhil}..

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