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By Stuart C. Poole (auth.)

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It is a revised and multiplied version of Cowan and Rakušan's resource booklet for Linguistics. as well as the chapters on Phonetics, Phonology, Phonological Alternations, Morphology, Syntax, Sound switch and old Reconstruction, there are new chapters: one on Semantics and one on Grammatical and Lexical swap.

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This has required us to divide the world up into categories and to force an infinitely varied world into these categories. We have a category labelled dog into which we put poodles Semantics 23 and spaniels but not foxes and wolves. We have to reach a compromise between having on the one hand an unmanageable array of categories and on the other insufficient precision. The trade-off between manageability and precision clearly depends on how precise one has to be . Arabs may need to be able to make finer distinctions between different types of camels and different types of horses than we do.

In China it is the colour yellow (hwingse) that is associated with such things. This freedom allows idioms to be more pleasing to the ear by such means as rhyme; the Norwegian equivalent of One man's meat is another man's poison is Den enes ded den andres bred, literally Theone's death the other's bread. It allows them to reflect some aspect of the society's history or culture; the Portuguese equivalent of for the sake of appearances is para ingles ver, literally for the English to see, arising from the fact that in the first half of the nineteenth century the Brazilians agreed to British demands that they should stop importing slaves from Africa but for a couple of decades only pretended to comply.

Perhaps +political for terrorists and -political for bank robbers, thereby reflecting the aims of their actions. The semantic range of a word can be defined with the assistance of another word that means the same thing, a synonym, or a word that means the opposite, an antonym . Thus it can help us to use the word large if we know that it means much the same as the word big or that it means the opposite of the word small. Due in large part to the overlay of Norman French onto Old English, the English language ha s an extensive vocabulary.

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